🍒 - Independent portrayal of Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin’.
🍒 - Literacy fluctuates to match partner. Can be crack, banter, or serious.
🍒 - Speech has no brackets, *actions have asterisks*, and ((ooc will have double parentheses.))
🍒 - N/sfw: Tons of swearing and frequent raunchy jokes or references. Possibly blood/violence depending on the thread, but not often (if ever) and will be tagged accordingly.

🍒 - Legal name is Girlfriend Dearest, but she prefers the nickname Cherry!
🍒 - 20 years old
🍒 - Born June 9th
🍒 - 5'9’‘ft/175 cm

🍒 - Genuinely sweet but can be clueless, not to mention shameless and downright moronic.
🍒 - Privileged upbringing has made her highly tone deaf to certain things.
🍒 - Openly flirty and playful, though remains faithful to Boyfriend above all!
🍒 - Impeccable sense of rhythm.
🍒 - Her parents are very doting and overprotective, as much as she loves them she’s more often than not annoyed with their overbearing behavior.
🍒 - Fantastic singer, but prefers to stay out of the music industry due to knowing what it’s like firsthand from her parents’ careers.
🍒 - Gives Boyfriend advice based on what her parents have gone through regardless.
🍒 - Red is her favorite color of all time, but blue is a close second because it reminds her of her beloved!
🍒 - Incredibly skilled artist! Constantly doodling. Carries a mini notebook in her purse.
🍒 - Diagnosed with ADHD and autism. Because of this, she’s sensitive to unexpected loud noises (like thunder) and likes it when things are on an unchanging schedule (hence the rap battles every Friday). She controls the volume of her speaker, so she can turn it down if need be.

🍒 - Icon/sidebar image by korutoffee on newgrounds, formerly known as kiimocha (the signature visible in the image). Link to the full image
🍒 - Character from Friday Night Funkin’ by Funkin Crew Inc. Blog background is the background from Week 1. Link to the game