well, i suppose i'll introduce myself! this is my website after all, you may be wondering about the woman behind the curtain.....

i have a couple of online aliases. meow and chela (kayla) are the most common, feel free to use either! i have others but they're not used often enough to be relevant here. my pronouns are she/her, i'm a demiromantic femme lesbian, and i have a handful of mental illnesses. oh, and i'm an adult! that's all the personal stuff i'll divulge here.

i have a large variety of interests and i might make a page listing them in detail at some point, but the basics of it is that i have major interests in video games, anime/cartoons, and most of all music of various genres; and minor interests in alt subcultures, collecting toys, and web archival!

i don't have a list of socials like most people do...i'm just on tumblr and thats it :p feel free to shoot me an ask there if you have questions about anything or just wanna say hi!